Park and Ride Lots

The NRTA schedules its routes and schedules up to a year in advance. With the uncertainty of impacts from Covid-10, the 2021 schedules represents the desired level of service that we typically provide to the community, but may not reflect the exact services offered. Published services are subject to change without notice; however, updates are provided at , on all buses and at the Greenhound Building. Please be assured, the NRTA is taking all the necessary precautions to keep our passengers and employees safe. Frequent daily cleaning and sanitizing continues to be our priority. Face masks are required to Ride the Wave.

Service is not provided Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day.

The Muse

44 Surfside Road
Mid Island and Miacomet Loops

Faregrounds Restaurant

27 Fairgrounds Road
Miacomet Loop and Surfside Beach Route (7am-5pm)

2 Fairgrounds Road

The Airport Route will service this lot May 28 - Sept. 6
7am to 10 pm.
This lot is also accessible from the Miacomet Loop and Sconset via Old South Road Route designated stops.

Middle School Lot

10 Surfside Road
June 26 - August 28
Pull in off Sparks Avenue to park Access Mid Island Loop, Anna Drive Stop.

The Wave Park and Ride sign