How to Ride the Wave

The Greenhound Building located at the downtown bus stop at 10 Washington Street provides a heated and air-conditioned sitting area, public restrooms, water, a change machine, and free Wi-Fi. WAVE Information Aides are available to assist you. The Greenhound Building is open daily. Hours vary and are subject to change without notice. 


• Passengers with disabilities may request modifications to current service procedures to access the service.  To make a request, please call 508-325-7516 or email us at   Please submit requests at least the day before the trip.  NRTA will not charge additional fees for passengers requiring reasonable modifications. 

• All WAVE vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts. Rides on the ADA complementary paratransit service can be scheduled the day before the trip or up to 14 days in advance.  To schedule a ride, please call 508-325-7516.  To speak to a dispatcher, call Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  A telephone answering system is available on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Click this link for more information.

  • Customers using mobility devices such as wheelchairs and scooters must allow the devices to be secured in the designated area on the bus. 

• Trained service animals are permitted to accompany individuals with disabilities and must be under the control of the passenger.

General Information

• Access real time information about bus locations, estimated arrivals, and announcements that could impact your trip from your computer or internet enabled cell phone at

• Try to arrive at the bus stop at least 10 minutes early, buses may run a few minutes early or late depending on weather, traffic and other factors.

• Stops are identified by grey posts with blue stripes.

• Stand at the bus stop and clearly let the driver know you want to Ride THE WAVE.

• Please have exact change ready when you board. Drivers do not make change. If you wish to have a change card issued for future rides only, please let the driver know as you board the bus. Change cards expire at the end of the year.

• For the safety of all passengers, baby strollers must be folded while on THE WAVE.

• By law, all customers must remain behind the standee on the bus. Wait for the bus to complete stop to disembark.

• Please keep your hands and feet inside the bus at all times.

• Listen for your stop announcement and pull the cord over the window in advance of where you would like to get off the bus.

Injuries: All injuries must be immediately reported to the driver or manager on duty and should be reported to the NRTA within 24 hours of occurrence. Names, address and telephone numbers of other passengers or witnesses must be provided to the NRTA. Unreported injuries sustained while traveling on NRTA vehicles may not be acknowledged at later dates. NRTA is not responsible for injuries, which result from the unsafe acts of passengers. Passengers should remain seated and remain behind the white line until the bus comes to a complete stop.

• Before you disembark, please make sure you have all your belongings with you. The Nantucket Regional Transit Authority and VTS of MA, Inc. are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property. Please report items lost by calling us at (508) 325-5113.