ADA Complaint Procedure

Any person wishing to file a complaint relative to the ADA may do so by contacting:

Cindy Clarkson, NRTA Trip Scheduler/Office Assistant
20-R S. Water Street
Nantucket, MA 02554

Complaints may be filed via telephone, in writing or electronically.

In the event a complaint is received by the NRTA, the following process will be followed:

a) A letter will be sent acknowledging receipt of the complaint and a hearing, if
requested, will be scheduled.

b) Should the complainant not be satisfied that the complaint has been resolved, a
hearing will be scheduled with the NRTA Administrator.

c) Should the complainant still feel the matter has not been resolved to his/her
satisfaction; a letter will be sent to the Director of Transportation, Mass DOT.
This letter will describe the complaint, attempts to resolve it at the local level and
will include copies of all relevant documents.

d) The NRTA will maintain records of all complaints received, hearings held and all
attempts to resolve said complaints.